Regina Pacis Email List Guidelines 


“All things are lawful,” but not all things are helpful. 

“All things are lawful,” but not all things build up. 

(1 Cor 10:23 RSV Catholic Edition) 

Please carefully read these updated guidelines for posting to the Regina Pacis email group. These guidelines will be reposted regularly as a reminder and may change in the future. 


The main purpose of the Regina Pacis email list is to support the Catholic homeschooling families in our group. All posts should reflect that objective. 

Remember that we all have the same goal of raising and educating our families in the Catholic faith. Please send and read all posts with charity. 

The subject line should accurately reflect the content of the post, preferably including hashtags. Hashtags in the subject line will allow for ease in searching or muting a topic. 

For example: 

Great Science Book #curriculum #science 

Easter egg hunt Wednesday! #party #park #Easter 

Scientist speaks out on vaccines #covid #vaccines 

Discern carefully when forwarding information to the list, considering, for example, whether similar information has already been shared. 

In replying to a message, consider replying only to the sender and not to the whole group. 


Please always sign your posts, as email addresses often do not include the sender's name. 

Thank you all for your cooperation in keeping our communication positive and constructive as we encourage each other along this homeschooling journey together. 

May our beloved mother and patron, Our Lady of Peace, pray for us! 


updated 1/1/2022

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