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Due to the Holidays we will not war in December, wars will start again in January, March, May, July, September, November.  The war will start at 12:01 AM CT on Thursday and will end at 12:00 AM aka midnight on Saturday CST.  Read each Taggers rules before requesting as they can be different and we don't want you to miss out.  Everyone must notify MGMT at least 2 days before a war to tell us if they are participating or not.  Each Tagger's rules will have been reviewed by the owners prior to sharing them with the members so please take the time to read them as they will apply to you whether you have read them or not.  Anyone not picking up their tags will be removed from the group.  DO NOT POST MESSAGES ON THE BOARDS DURING THE WAR.  IF YOU NEED MGMT THEN EMAIL US DIRECTLY!
If you cannot remember the dates its always posted on our emails.

Rules (I know .... yuck)
 1. Taggers have a minimum of 10 tags they must offer so they have 30 days from the end of the war to get tags back to the members.  If 30 days have passed do not contact the tagger.  Please email the owners at  We will find out what is happening and get back to you.  If you think you have missed a delivery don't email us asking, take the time to check the messages to see if an email has
gone through with a delivery notice.  It takes the same amount of time or less then emailing one of the owner/taggers.

 2. Read the taggers rules.  Each tagger has their own rules, they will tell you how many tags you can request and any other pertinent information.
 3. Taggers can deliver your tags by email, Fotki, JumpShare etc.  If you are unable to collect tags from Fotki, JumpShare or other delivery sites please let the taggers know.
 4.  If you have an issue with someone in the group, do not contact them, contact the owners and we will help resolve the issue.
 5. If you do not like a tag do not complain to the tagger simply delete it and don't request it.
 6. All requests must be made during an active war.  No one is permitted to request tags after the war has ended!  Out of fairness to the taggers they have been instructed to deny late requests.
 7. Taggers can use blanks made by talented others, tags they make, alpha tag, pixel tags.  Any type tag they like as long as no Nudity back or front and staying within G - SAC.  SAC must be in the
     subject line.

 8. Members must pickup their tags and acknowledge they have their tags.  This DOES NOT apply if the tagger has stated no need to comment on JUMPSHARE.  Anyone failing to acknowledge they have their tags on fotki will be removed       from the group.
Additional rules will be posted as they are needed.  Please keep issues off the boards.  The only ones posting should be the owners and Taggers during Wars.
Wars will be scheduled as follows for 2020:
January  10-11
March  13-14
May   8-9
July  10-11
September  11-12
November  13-14
Hugs to all we hope you all have a great time.

Kathryn and Nicole

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