War will be June 26-27

This is NOT a blank tag war where members have to send. This is a tag offers war so only taggers post.
Our taggers will offer their tags during wartime only. Mail may be high volume during the war. After the war 
mail won't be as heavy as taggers will only send pickup notices. Members are required to pick up their tag in order to remain in the group. All wars will be conducted CST time zone. That may be different from yours, if so you may need to use an online time converter. 

So if you are a tagger or know someone who may want to tag for us please join and let the owner know. If you are member (non tagger) who just wants to collect a vast amount of tags in one setting please join..

Please take note of the time zone (Central or CST is when the war starts and ends) Your time may be different from mine, especially if you aren't in the USA. You can compare your time to mine with any online time converter.
I do realize some people's time zones are different but the war ends at CST (my time zone) not the members or taggers.  If you are confused about time zones refer to (inser or another online time converter.

Wars will be themed but themes are only a suggestion, taggers do not have to offer the suggested theme(s). They can offer whatever they like. 

Please note homepage is a work in progress. It will change later.After we get soime more taggers and determine the dates and times of the war I'll post them on the homepage.

Thank you for your patience,

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