This group is for the exchange of radio DX audio files, with an emphasis on difficult, unusual or otherwise interesting receptions of broadcast stations in the medium-wave and short-wave bands. 

Communication on this group uses the DXers' real names.

This group is particularly useful for DXers wishing to ask for opinions on unidentified DX catches. However,it should be accepted that it is proper etiquette to acknowledge help that you receive in identifying stations in your audio clips. Please state your helpers' names and RealDX in loggings that you submit to clubs, newsletters, other web-groups, etc. and/or if you place your loggings in websites.

You may post a message to the group with your audio file as an attachment. The preferred audio file format for RealDX is mono .mp3, and please use a lower bitrate; 48 kbps is more than sufficient for DX files. (Be aware that not all members have high-speed internet.) Otherwise, you may place a link in your message to where your audio file can be found on the web. Please say something in your message about the language (if known), frequency, the date, and the time of reception.

Please do NOT use this group for loggings, QSL's received, or other DX news. There are many good clubs, internet groups, and bulletin-boards that want that information!

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