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This is a temporary website (until at least 2019) designed to gather views on the new (Jan 18) Humanist Group in Reading. It is being run by a convenor with the hope of gathering a committee from which a chair will emerge. There are dozens of useful jobs available if you do not want to be chair and that person will need all the help that you can give. It will not exist without volunteering 

This initiative is not controlled by any other organisation, but there is plenty of help in the wings awaiting as soon as this group has established its independence. See the links below and in the Files section of this site.

 Please notify all your friends and contacts about the existence of this site.

 Atheist agnostics ,secularists,spiritualists are welcomed. Democracy, logic and equality will be the watchwords. 

It needs to be for and designed by the people of Reading to express their non religious views or to find out how to think and communicate humanely, hopefully acknowledging but improving on the efforts of others. Soon one hopes that it will work alongside other existing groups both non religious and hopefully religious ones with social and NGOs also.

 Meetings will be pub or coffee house based until sufficient momentum is gathered for venues which charge AND the Meet-up site which needs a subscription. Facebook is available but outside of this groups control at present. Location of meetings will be guided by exact postcode location of joiners but will start and most likely  stay close to the centre of Reading.

The sooner YOU can get your preferences, particularly about which periods of the week you cannot mange to attend a physical meeting, into the forum section of this site the faster Reading Humanists and individual Humanist views will get established into the life of Reading. There  will always be online access to the work and progress of the group. 

FACEBOOK is presently not functioning under the title of Reading Humanists due to the lack of knowledge about the previous ownership.

No one in this initiative will tell you what to do.

 An enlargeable copy of the world view photo shown as the header of this page is available in the Photo section 


Please contact the list owner of this site with any further questions or comments .

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