TNC-Pi inventory for sale

Chuck K4RGN

As the TARPN project in central North Carolina migrates from TNC-Pi's to NinoTNCs, I am selling my inventory of TNC-Pi parts:
1. One assembled and populated TNC-Pi, green PCB version 2.3 TARPN. It was working when removed from service. This board has a 2x5 bus connector, installed top side only.
2. One kit TNC-Pi, unassembled; bag appears to contain all parts except the four ICs that go in sockets (see below). Green PCB version 2.3a TARPN. This board has a place for a 2x5 bus connector.
3. Three assembled TNC-Pis, populated except no socketed ICs (see below).
   a. Two red PCB version 1.1. These boards have space for a 2x13 connector. 2x5 connectors are installed, top side only. 
   b. One red PCB version 1.2. A 2x13 connector is installed, top side only, with two pins clipped. 
4. Uninstalled ICs:
  a. Six PIC16F1847 microcontrollers with W2FS firmware. Buyer will have to reset their data values to W2FS defaults using the TXDELAY pot.
  b. Five MX614 modems.
  c. Six 6023 op-amps.
  d. Four 23K640 memories.
This sale is as-is, no warranty. Entire lot only. Sale is final, no returns or refund. Just $90 plus $20 for insured USPS shipping to 48 CONUS. Email k4rgn@... if interested. Will verify buyer's address at, so include your callsign.

73, Chuck, K4RGN