Rest in peace my friend.

Jerome Kutche


WB6CYT/SK - Brian Kantor

Terry L. Morris

Sorry for your loss. My dog will probably alert my neighbors that he needs to get outside to relieve himself. I suspect I could be a feast for him if I drop dead. I'm still active, in and out, several times per day so if I'm not seen for a couple days the neighbors will investigate. I live with my dog and radios.

Terry - KB8AMZ
Brimfield Twp, OH USA EN91hd
Linux User# 412308, Ubuntu User# 34905, PCARS#78, NAQCC#6668, QRP-ARCI#8855, SKCC#14195

Roderick Wayne Hart Sr.

I never met Brian, but have communicated with him about numerous issues since the Arpa days. He was one of a very small group who shepherded us to where we are today in the Ham Radio and Computer world. Brian always made me feel like he was interested in whatever I presented to him as a problem.

We are really going to miss him. RIP brother ........

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WB6CYT/SK - Brian Kantor