Pat, PI3B+, TNC-X 9k6 board and configuration

Don Munson

I think the title covers teh bases.  I have a clean installation of Pat on a Raspberry PI 3B+ with a TNC-PI 9k6 board.  I am sure the board is working as I can communicate and get the parameters from it.  I have AX25 configured and AXports reflects the proper wl2k configuration for Pat and i have connected the serial port to AX25.  This is evidenced by the fact axlisten can translate APRS and the beacon from teh local WL Gateway.  So the board is hearing well and the PI is translating it.

I went to Pat and selected the AX25 option and I get an error that reads:  2020/08/02 21:54:53 Unable to QSY: Missing rig reference in config section for ax25, don't know which rig to qsy

I checked the config.json file and found the following:

  "ax25": {
    "port": "wl2k",
    "beacon": {
      "every": 3600,
      "message": "Winlink P2P",
      "destination": "IDENT"
    "rig": "TM-D700"

The "rig" value was missing so I added my rig identification.  And I get the same error.  I am lost?

Don, W4GFQ

Arjan - PD3SPY

Hi Don,

For the rig-part you referring to, check the rig section at It describes how to use hamlib to control your rig and how to set it up in pat. You need to add a few more line near the top of the config.json file. Maybe this helps...

If you don't mind, can you post your axports file for me? I am having trouble myself getting it all up and running.