Looking for BETA Testers of HamPi

Dave Slotter, W3DJS

Hi All,
After six months of development on my spare time, I'm excited to announce that I've completed primary development of my automated Raspberry Pi software image for Ham Radio, now called HamPi. I hope to have a beta build available for this Memorial Day weekend.
If you have one or more of the following SDRs, please note in your response that you have them, because I lack the hardware to test: FUNcube dongle pro+, PlutoSDR, OsmoSDR, or Red Pitaya SDR.
When responding, please do not fudge your answers. SEND DIRECTLY TO w3djs@.... I will not necessarily read responses to this thread. I need people with as many varieties of equipment and experience (or lack of) as possible:
Model(s) of Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Monitor resolution(s):
Raspberry Pi Accessories
Model(s) of radios connecting to Pi:
Do you have a GPS for the Pi?
Will you be doing CW with the Pi?
Experience level with Linux [Beginner, Moderate, Expert]:
What would you like to do with your Raspberry Pi with the HamPi image?
Would you prefer a "LITE" (small) image with just ham radio apps installed, or a "FULL" (large) image with ham radio apps plus desktop apps like LibreOffice installed?
Would you be willing to host the release image via BitTorrent?
Anything else you'd like to mention?
This isn't just an automated build of the image, compared to the manually built one from last October, but it includes these changes. Here's the Changelog:

Big Picture:
    Renamed project to HamPi
    Converted manually-created (handmade) image creation to Ansible-created (automated) image creation
    Set up ~95% of software projects to automagically download latest version from Internet
    Add installation of x86 apps (versus ARM apps) in some cases for use with Raspbian x86
    Automatic upgrade of Raspbian packages and cleaning apt cache

    Initial Chromium Bookmarks for Ham Radio
    Configuration of image to use 64-bit kernel
    Pybombs for GNU Radio
    AirSpy Driver
    AirSpy HF Driver
    SoapySDR Driver for AirSpy
    SoapySDR Driver for FUNcube dongle pro+
    SoapySDR Driver for PlutoSDR
    SoapySDR Driver for OsmoSDR
    SoapySDR Driver for Red Pitaya
    SoapySDR Driver for UHD (maybe)
    SoapySDR Driver for VOLK-based type converters
    TeamViewer build capability (on hold)
    linpac - (dpkg) terminal for packet radio with mail client
    wwl - (dpkg) Calculates distance and azimuth between two Maidenhead locators
    QSLware nag dialog

    APRS Message App for JS8Call with JS8CallUtilities_V2
    D-Rats 0.3.3 with D-Rats 0.3.9 (or later)
    AX25 support for Pat WinLink with AX25 support for DXSpider and Pat WinLink

Removed (temporarily):
    Background Images

- Dave