HamPi 1.5 (September 2021) Released

Dave Slotter, W3DJS

Fellow Hams,

I am pleased to announce that HamPi 1.5, the comprehensive ham radio software distribution for the Raspberry Pi is now available for public download! It is expected that with this 1.5 release of HamPi, that HamPi will cross the 50,000 downloads mark!

If you run into issues, please post to the forum on https://groups.io/g/Ham-Pi/ first. If you see a bug (defect), please report it on the GitHub issues page at: https://github.com/dslotter/HamPi/issues

Did you know that HamPi has a wiki? Find it at https://github.com/dslotter/HamPi/wiki

UPGRADING: In order to transition smoothly from HamPi 1.X to HamPi 1.5 and preserve your configuration settings, please follow the instructions in the attached file, "UPGRADING_FROM_PRIOR_VERSION.TXT" (This is still a work in progress.)


Version 1.5 (September 2021) Release
Added SDR++ -- Brand new cross-platform and open source SDR software
Added Cqrprop – Small application that displays propagation data from Paul, N0NBH website
Added 10 10 QSO Logger – Logging software for Ten Ten International Users
Added Lady Heather – GPS Monitoring software
Added Atlcl – Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator
Added SoapySDRPlay3 - Soapy SDR module for SDRPlay3 API
Updated to WSJT-X 2.5.0
Updated BlueDV to version (most current version)
Restored SDRAngel to distribution
Added version check to HamPi startup (to notify for new versions of HamPi)
Fixed Orca screen reading software to be installed, but disabled
Modified HamPi Ansible sources to retry transient download failures
Updated many, many other apps to current versions.

Good luck and 73!

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- Dave, W3DJS
-- Lifetime Member of ARRL & GARS and curator of HamPi, the ham radio software distribution for the Raspberry Pi --

Dave Farrant (M0NDT)

Sorry if I'm being dim here but is there a magnet or torrent file available yet?

I usually download the image and keep it available for other people.