Digital Noobie Needs Help

Bobby Goins

Hello all from a digital noobie,

I need some help getting my IC-706MKIIG to work with my RPi 2B via SignaLink USB.  I am using PAT in an attempt to do an ARDOP connection.

I started piardopc and am getting 'Input peaks', along with the following:

     Input peaks = -4133, 4006
     Prior-Offset= -0.302889
     EnvelopeCorrelator CorMax:MaxProd= 52.682911  J= 61
     [Acquire2ToneLeaderSymbolFraming] intIatMinError= 1
     Frame Decode type 7a 0 ff Dist 0.51 0.47 0.47 Sess ff pend 0 conn 0 lastsess 0
     [Frame Type Decode Fail] Ldr; S:N(3KHz) Early= -15.594282 dB, Full -13.308182 dB, Offset= 19.141378 Hz:  MD Decode;5 Type1=H7A, Type2=H0, D1= 0.51, D2= 0.47
     poor frame type decode
     Input peaks = -3639, 3337

My SignaLink USB is currently set at TX (12:00) RX (12:00) DLY (7:00).  Alsa mixer is set at 'USB AUDIO CODEC' with the PCM level at 100%.  (I also tried at 70%).

I tried to connect to stations AJ4GU (7.088 dial freq), AB4NX (7.101.5 dial freq), and K0SI (7.102 dial freq).  My IC-706MKIIG is set for Upper Side Band.  I have tried with the mic plugged in, and not plugged in.

I am using the ARDOP transport in PAT 0.8.0, with the appropriate station name.

When attempting a connection, the PTT light comes on, I hear two clicks and the light goes out for each attempt.  Pat attempts to make the connection several times, then stops.
Below is a snippet of the piardopc output:

     [Command Trace FROM host: VERSION
      Command Trace TO Host VERSION ARDOP TNC_1.0.4.1j-BPQ
     [Command Trace FROM host: ARQCALL K0SI 10
      Command Trace TO Host ARQCALL K0SI 10
      Command Trace TO Host NEWSTATE ISS
     [SendARQConnectRequest] strMycall=KN4I  strTargetCall=K0SI bytPendingSessionID=b9
     A typical response from piardopc during a connection attempt is:
     Sending Frame Type ConReq500M
     [Main.KeyPTT]  PTT-TRUE
     [Main.KeyPTT]  PTT-FALSE
      Command Trace TO Host BUFFER 0
      Command Trace TO Host BUFFER 0
      Command Trace TO Host NEWSTATE DISC

The above hardware set up seems to work well in receive mode using fldigi.  (I have not tried transmitting yet.)

Any help would be appreciated.

Bobby - KN4I