Blue tooth and SD cards? #bluetooth

Jay Lijoi

Good afternoon,

Scenario: I use SD cards in my PI for different applications (nothing new here). One has HamPI on it and another Manjaro, etc. I want to use my blue tooth mouse and keyboard to reduce desktop cables and preserve usb ports for other uses.

First I paired the mouse and keyboard while running HamPi. Then when rebooting with Manjaro SD I had to go through the process of pairing again. Now when I switch back to the HamPI SD it doesn't recognize the mouse or keyboard, it says they are there, but won't connect. So I have to pair again, and then I loose the pairing when I again when I change to a different SD card. 

Is this normal?
Is there some kind of randomness to pairing?
Is there a way facilitate using the same mouse and keyboard accross different SD cards withour the need to pair every time?  
Or, am I just being oblique and missing something simple? (I didn't want to say stupid.)



Hi Jay,

Don’t have an answer to your questions,
but I have the same experience.
So I guess it is normal behaviour.

73, Jeroen PF1JM