Raspberry Pi as a web sdr receiver

Bob Watson

Good day, all.  This may be a bit off topic.  However it is a great alternative to direct reception.  I am using both a Pi 4B and a Pi 400 for use a a web receiver.  I edited the autostart fiie so that on Pi boot up, the browser loads and points to one of the web sdr sites and tunes the receiver to my net frequency and mode.  My goal is to eliminate the monitor and move to other web receivers.  A suggestion was made to me by programming multiple url's and using the tab keys to move between sites.  I tried this and found that when using the tab keys, it would move to the next url specified in the autopstart file.  Unfortunately, audio from both sites is being received simultaneously.
I am looking for another method of shifting between url's using keyboard commands so as not to need a monitor.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

73, Bob, KN4HH