Dual purpose DMR hotspot and HF digimodes

Bryan Waller

Has anyone seen a build that uses say a Pi4b to work simultaneously as a DMR radio hotspot and to work HF digital modes? If not, can you think of any reason it would not work or would not be a good idea to attempt?


the gadget techie

That would be interesting.  All the DMR stuff is just a process on the pi being it's derived from Debian.  Limits maybe imposed by the mem/cpu capabilities, in that can it perform efficient enough under the various load that the apps place on the unit.  All the GUI-based stuff will put a higher demand on the processing capabilities vs. the DMR "conversion".

Would be an interesting POC.

Bryan Waller

I may give it a roll in the near future. Worst case is that I'd have to buy another pi if it doesn't work.


I would think a Pi with a HAT (like DRAWS™) for HF/Digital Data such as Packet and an attached USB MMDVM for digital voice modes would be a good combination.

On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 7:48 AM Bryan Waller <bryanw55@...> wrote:
I may give it a roll in the near future. Worst case is that I'd have to buy another pi if it doesn't work.

John D. Hays
Kingston, WA


Bryan Waller

Just ordered the least expensive dual band, dual timeslot MMDVM with decent reviews from Amazon and reviews confirming that it runs on the PI4b. I'll likely first set it up with its own SD card image since I have never run a DMR hotspot before, then try to incorporate it in with my KM4ACK build a pi setup on a separate SD. Since the single timeslots have long run on the original pi, I would think that the 4b would have plenty of processing power to do DMR hotspot and HF digital duty at the same time, even running dual timeslots. We shall see. If it doesn't work, I'll order another PI and set them up separately.


Pi-star takes over the whole pi but BlueDV can run while other apps are running.
But on the Pi - not sure if blueDV is same specs as windows version...

Bryan Waller

Thank you. That is helpful to know. Just got Pi-star up and running and my next step was to see if other apps could be installed, so that answers that question. I'll take a look at blueDV now.