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I want to use WSJT-z instead.  Can I just substitute a URL for a pull of the WSJT code, or is it more complicated than that?



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This group seems to not really know very much about the raspberry pi. The Pi was intended as a learn to program device
for children in the UK. It seems to have succeeded in that endeavor. It uses a "Debin Version" of the Linux operating system.
The author of HamPi has actually loaded the Ham linux software available on the internet onto the Rspberry Pi operating system. He is using either a bash file or doing an install individually of each program. He is distributing a copy of that whole operating system with the ham programs already loaded into that Raspbin  Operating system.

You can get a copy of WSJT-z added to HamPI by using the terminal commands on the WSJT-z site. Or an easier way is to run the https://github.com/km4ack/pi-build bash file by Km4ack and install only the WSIT-z program. I wish the author of Hampi would have distributed his downloads with a similar bash file.

The biggest problem I have with the Raspberry PI is the fact that you have to load most of the programs on a different SD card for each program. I, therefore, prefer using a system called "BerryBoot".  Berry boot puts a boot system on a small "Cheap"  SD card and the programs you want to run on a large USB stick. I can not do that with the HamPI program since it is shrunk with Tar and not with the raspberry pi shrink program. The other reason is my official "7-inch" touch screen case has caused the breaking of the flat cable to the screen when trying to change the card. There is a repository of many many programs compiled by Alex Goldcheidt at https://berryboot.alexgoldcheidt.com/images/,   Good luck

and other programs.


Wow, thanks for the reference to BerryBoot. I've had a whole lot less thumb drives fail than SD cards, so that's a great one to have in the arsenal. In the past I've done PXE boot for the same effect, but this seems much simpler.

Have you tested KM4ACK's Pi-build with it?


Yes KM4ACK's Pi-Build 3 works quite well even with the Berryboot system since it is installed on Rasbian itself, not thru the berryboot system. I wish the HamPi was developed the same way since you can choose what to load or not load.

Now that I have loaded KM4ACK's Pi-Build 3 on my official 7 inch touch screen I can take it into the field and use it remotely with my FT-818ND. I have purchased a portable emergency jump start device called "Beatit GooLoo" 18,000 MaH fits in a glove box and converted it by removing the jump start cables to supply power to the radio. The Beatit already has two 5 volt USB outputs for my Raspberry Pi and my phone with its hotspot energized. So I am "In Like Flint" as the saying goes. I can run Digital modes using the FT-818 radio, the signal link USB, the Raspberry Pi, a portable keyboard-mouse, and my Wonder Wand Tunable Loop antenna, with the Beatit battery system.