[pactor] QtSoundmodem

Steinar LA5VNA

Hi John

What is the main differences between this windows app and the windows app Andrei have made?

LA5VNA Steinar

On 04.06.2020 13:41, John Wiseman wrote:
I've uploaded a new set of QtSoundModem files, including source. Recent changes are:
  Add option to run modems in separate threads. This may be an advantage when running on a Pi3 or Pi4 with two modems.
  Fix timing problem with AGW connect at startup. This could cause a problem if the host program connected too quickly
  Add Memory ARQ
  Add Single bit "Correction". I still don't like this, but if you want to risk it you can.
  Add "KISS Optimisations" Option. This will try to remove extra RR frames that can be generated if resptime is too short.