Building a Raspberry Pi DMR HotSpot

Bill P.

Many neat components to build your own battery box can be found here :

Bill acj

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Michael WA7SKG:

"Booster battery" is intended here as a generally descriptive term, rather than as an actual product name . . . i.e. a device that allows you to "boost" the charge in your mobile phone when it has exhausted the charge in its internal battery.  As you'll see on their website, Anker actually calls these "high capacity portable chargers".

Here's the specific 20000maH model that I use (actually, since I've had it for about 4 years, mine is an earlier version that puts out 5VDC only):

Here's a newer model with even more capacity (26800maH):

As a side note, I've traveled internationally to multiple countries & my 20000maH booster battery is always with me in my carry-on backpack.  I have never had any problems whatsoever at any airport security inspection area with this device.  My myriad of wadded up & tangled cables, on the other hand, have caused me a number of secondary inspections !!

Mark J Culross

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Mark J Culross wrote on 07/09/2018 08:11 PM:

> Anker makes some very nice, high capacity (20000maH & higher), 5VDC
> booster batteries that work very well for portable operations of
> USB-powered devices like the RPi.
> Mark J Culross


Please explain "booster batteries". Are these a supplement to another
USB source that would work like a UPS? Or are they just a power brick?
I've looked at Anker's offerings and find no 20000 mAh devices and
nothing identified as a "booster battery".

Michael WA7SKG