Does Raspberry PI work with Blue DVDOngle?


 I have looked at the archives and most are talking about the RED DVAP and not the BLUE DV-Dongle. So I was unable to figure out if anyone got the Blue one to actually would work.  If so which images were needed to get the Blue DV-Dongle to work and what else was required for a portable use in Hotel/Motels or other some such places?


Ben ARS w4qed


Yes, it will work.  

You should also look at NW Digital Radio » Category » dv3000 it is a daughter card which does AMBE (D-STAR plus other AMBE systems).


It's a matter of the right software.  Check forums ircddbgateway and pcrepeatercontroller  -- dummyrepeater works with it.


Not in Raspbian it will not, regarding having a dstar qso, nor ambe file convert functions.