[pcrepeatercontroller] DVAP and GMSKRepeater running on stand-alone Raspberry-PI videos


A nice couple of videos on Raspberry Pi and D-STAR

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Subject: [pcrepeatercontroller] DVAP and GMSKRepeater running on stand-alone Raspberry-PI videos
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Hi all
For about two months now I have had my simplex node (GMSKRepeater) running on a stand-alone Raspberry PI, it's is brilliant.

As the node (MB6IRL) is 'attended only', all I have to do is turn it on, the whole thing starts-up automatically and connects to my preferred reflector, it's wireless so the only connections are the USB between radio/gmsk (Tait from Nothants) and the antenna and DC supply to the radio.

I don't need a keyboard or mouse connected or even a monitor, it sits in a small plastic box on top of the radio and that's it!

See the video (MB6IRL) http://youtu.be/LmCu7N7kwNc

I've recently done the same for a friend of mine running a DVAP (mw0rbl) and it works well, all you have is a DVAP sat on top of a plastic box housing an R-PI and that's it! No keyboard, mouse or monitor.

Simply plug it in within range of your wifi router and you are up and running automatically with an absolute minimal setup.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8J11Vp_mfA&feature=youtu.be To see the DVAP

I am no Linux expert and I am not doing anything clever here, I'm just using and arranging what other clever people have done before.

Software on both systems is the Jonathan Naylor packages.