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Steve here,

Use to run an AX25 mailbox sometime ago for many years (GB7RUG), and I might bring this back to online status, access via just the internet for starters, if I could run this all on a PI? So really I am appealing to Paula PZT and John BPQ to write some stuff for the PI to support the application. I would also like the software to be user friendly, not hours of trawling through to make it all work! Yes, I am getting a bit older these days and don't think as quick as I did when we ran these FBB based systems 15 years or so ago.

Have not invested in any units yet, as I am a bit confused what main version of Linux is going to be the main supported one for Amateur Radio operation etc? I guess thought seeing that CPC/Farnell now have stock I will be buying a couple of units to play with during this Winter.

I also have interest in using the PI with WSPR and PSK31, and driving a few rigs like the FT2000 etc, so plenty for folk to go at and get it over onto the PI system.

73 Steve