Dire Wolf Telemetry on RPi3

Jon Adams

Happy 2020, all, and greetings from Jon N7UV in Phoenix!

I have been running Dire Wolf on an RPi3+, with gpsd, and a Baofeng UV5R with W1GX's nice ptt circuit. The RPi gets accurate time from a little uBlox NEO7 connected to the RPI serial port. Everything runs off 12 vdc unregulated, and I use a buck regulator inside the battery case of the UV5 to get 8 Vdc, and another buck to get the operating voltage for the RPi. Whole thing runs off a 12 Vdc solar panel and a 20 AH gel cell. Typical power draw is 3.7 w receiving, with open squelch. It has been absolutely stable for months now. Kudos to John WB2OSZ for a nice bit of coding!

Now, what I want to do is add the ability for the RPi to collect some telemetry (a few I/O bits, 2 analog voltage values, and 2 DS1820 temperature values, and send them as telemetry packets. I think I've finally gotten the gist of what John's telemetry toolkit suggests, but would really like to be lazier and see if someone else has already done something and can share. I ordered one of the Adafruit ADS1015 4-channel ADCs, and have some DS1820s.

Any people out there who've already forged a path? 

Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV

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