Seeking insights -- trying to get IC7300 to transmit Ardop via PAT

Jonathan Scherch

Hello from Seattle. I am running Ardop and Pat on a RPi3B+ / Buster, and cant seem to get my 7300 to transmit.

Ardop is sending KeyPTT commands (True and False), and listening on local 8515. I see waterfall action via ArdopGUI, but rig does not trigger for transmit. I can share my PAT configure file if helpful. I am running FLrig in background as well.

I found this link for more info:
Note this section (about halfway down):

"The TNC supports a number of options for PTT. When using the TCP interface it will send commands to the host to allow it to contol PTT. This is most useful when the host program is running more than one sound card mode (eg ARDOP and WINMOR). The TNC can also key the radio via a hardware or software (CAT) interface. There are a number of optional command line parameters to control like this: "

-p device or --ptt device         Device to use for PTT control using RTS or GPIO Pin (Raspbery Pi only)
-c device or --cat device         Device to use for CAT Control

I am trying to use "--ptt" or "--cat" like this: "./piardopc 8515 plughw:1,0 plughw:1,0 --cat device" but I cant figure ourt what "device" should be.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks and 73.

Jonathan, KK7PW

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