Re: 12V Power for the Pi (was Re: [RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio] Getting back to the RPi)

chuck gelm <rpi4ham@...>

On 12/30/19 12:22 PM, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion, but I am not going to spend another $150+ for more hardware that is less capable than what I already have to do the work of a $7 buck-boost module.

Michael WA7SKG


Not, yet, interested in 1200 baud, especially at $150.

...what I already have to do the work of a $50 single band, modem, transceiver, antenna, POE powered, outdoor rated, up to 144.4 Mbps, automatic-adaptive networking,


But, I love the Raspberry Pi. :-)


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