RPi Mobile with MoPi2 and Raspberry Touchscreen

Michael WA7SKG

I am setting up an RPi for mobile operation using the 7" "official" RPi touchscreen. Initially, I was using a Powerwerx USBuddy 12V-5V converter feeding both devices via a "Y" cable. For whatever reason (still under investigation), that did not seem adequate and I got a constant "Low Voltage" lightning bolt on the screen. I found and acquired a MoPi 2 power supply hat that will adequately power the RPi from 12V. My concern now is powering the monitor. I am trying to minimize the number of various cables, adapters, line lumps, etc. in this installation. I am also running out of ports on my 12V distribution system.

Is anyone familiar with this power supply and any suggestions on how to power the monitor from it?

tnx es 73,
Michael WA7SKG

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