Re: 12V Power for the Pi (was Re: [RaspberryPi-4-HamRadio] Getting back to the RPi)

Daniel Holmes

Good question on a monitor—I think the specs said it’ll only do about 2.5-3 amps, but there’s a way to switch in a 5V relay to power up the monitor. I personally run my Pi headless, and use VNC on my iPad to connect in (although I have a small wireless keyboard I use because typing on a virtual keyboard stinks.)

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THANK YOU! What a device! While you say expensive, it's only a few dollars more than the USBuddy and does so much more. The on/off switch is a big plus, as well as the HAT configuration. The only thing I'm not sure of is powering the monitor as well. As I am using the Smarti-Pi Touch Case, the RPi is not mounted directly to the monitor, so it is not powered through the IO pins, but from a separate USB connection. However, I do not think this is insurmountable.

Thanks again.

Michael WA7SKG

Daniel Holmes wrote on 12/24/19 6:57 AM:
For running off a 12V supply, this is what I use: Seems to be pretty RF quiet.
Yeah, it’s a bit expensive, but I have it wired with an on/off switch to power up/power down the Pi cleanly, and it powers it down when the batteries are almost exhausted. I haven’t worked up the battery charger just yet, but it’ll be a handy part of my go-kit. I still need to figure out how to use more than 1 HAT on my Pi, but that’s just a bit of research—so many projects so little time.

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