Re: B+ or 3B+ or 4

Marty Hartwell


Well I am assuming you have a 2 B+, what my other Pi is, and it does run on some Wifi dongles. I have

an old TP-Link slow, and a newer one also is faster. What I have found is that included with the Raspian

Stretch and now Buster does not have the driver for the wifi. I must hook up the eth0 wired and

do the update/upgrade to bring in the needed drivers and what all. Then it works well on wifi.

I haven't yet tried FS8Call or those digital modes yet, but plan on trying them. I do compile and

run most of the Fldigital suite of softwares on it and they work fine, but I expect it might get be

able to be overloaded. I may keep mine for later conversion to a dedicated ham service later.

I have the new Pi 4 with 4GB ram, and plan to try to use it to replace my old laptop. I also will

I think at this price get another for ham use for use in the field. My home is just not suitable

for ham work here. Well I do some VHF operation from the mobile in the drive way now and then.

Good luck

Marty kd8bj

On 12/13/19 10:25 PM, NKemp wrote:
I have a Pi B+ (no WiFi).  Has anyone used a B+ (not a 3B+) with WiFi dongle and if so how well does it run (looking to run FS8Call at a minimum)?  Or is a more rewarding path to simple get a Pi 3 or 4?

I know that is vague but what I'm really wondering if the B+ with a WiFi dongle may simply be underpowered for the application.

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