Re: B+ or 3B+ or 4

Bern Ghis

Hi all,
Here have a pi 2b. Microsd 8gb (class 10)
No keyboard no mouse and no screen. 
Access via rj45, local net and VNC.
Only dongle soundcard and ttl interface for cat with ft817
Running wsjtx 2.1.0  mode wspr only.
Power supply linear : only  400 mA @5v
Mry Chrtmas and hny 
Bernard de On7an

Envoyé de mon iPhone XR 👍

Le 14 déc. 2019 à 07:36, John Schultz <sturmgewehr762@...> a écrit :

That is great info Bobby.  Want to set up an absolute minimal station, the power requirements of older boards are better.

On 12/13/2019 10:52 PM, Bobby Goins wrote:
I've been running JS8CALL on a RPi-2B for the last two days.  Everything seems to be working well, even with the GPS dongle active. 

I use either my laptop, or cell phone, to remote into the Pi via a Edimax wifi dongle.

Bobby - KN4I

On 12/13/19 11:25 PM, NKemp wrote:
I have a Pi B+ (no WiFi).  Has anyone used a B+ (not a 3B+) with WiFi dongle and if so how well does it run (looking to run FS8Call at a minimum)?  Or is a more rewarding path to simple get a Pi 3 or 4?

I know that is vague but what I'm really wondering if the B+ with a WiFi dongle may simply be underpowered for the application.

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