Re: R-pi4 4GB email with claws

Marty Hartwell

Hi Jim

Yes they still have POP3, but maybe it is Thunderbird that refused to use it and gave the

reason as not secure. Up until about a year ago I was using POP3 with SSL enabled but was

required to go to IMAP. And yes it is a lot slower than POP3. I also realize that Google wants

as much information as they can get to make money from us, and is the reason I keep declining

as much as I can.

I may look into other email service providers but am not sure who might be less intrusive. I

don't think AT&T is any better, or Xfinity either. Yahoo might be an alternative but still looking to

invade my privacy.

Marty kd8bj

On 12/10/19 12:03 PM, Jim Higgins wrote:


Now that you bring it up... the best solution for a number of reasons might be to get away from Gmail... or anything else requiring an account with Google... or anything owned by Google.

But on the plus side, Google did save me big bucks on a colonoscopy. Instead of paying several thousand dollars and spending an unpleasant day at the hospital, I just gave Google $50 to send pictures from 10 feet up my backside to my proctologist and that was that. Kidding of course, but they are gathering all the info on you that they can.

Seriously now... you should be able to use POP3 with SSL enabled in Thunderbird with every bit as much security as with your current IMAP setup and none of the slowdown... assuming Gmail allows POP3 with SSL enabled. If not, I'd dump them.

73 de Jim, KB3PU

Received from Marty Hartwell at 12/10/2019 15:36 UTC:

Hi Jim

Actually I went down that road earlier with Thunderbird. Gmail told me T'bird was to unsecure using POP3 and made me switch to IMAP which I did which slowed everything way down. I am still using the IMAP setup on all the machines I read mail from, some *nix and one windows 10 machine. All real slow but even on the browser direct to gmail it is slow so maybe I will need to switch email providers. But I haven't gone down that route yet.
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Marty kd8bj

On 12/9/19 7:18 PM, Jim Higgins wrote:

I don't use Gmail, so the terms I use will probably be incorrect...

What you probably need to do is somehow tell Gmail you're using a client of some sort that Gmail doesn't consider to be secure. Once they know you're willing to use an insecure client, you should be OK with that client.

With that concept in mind, search Gmail for details about using an old or insecure client.

73 de Jim, KB3PU

Received from Marty Hartwell at 12/9/2019 22:26 UTC:

Hi Bob

Yes that is what I was doing but I really don't like the Gmail site layout, and I have a lot
of Ham related saved emails I use for reference. So I think I really would like to get Claws
working with Gmail but on both I receive error message saying my credentials are incorrect.
I have verified everything as the same as on my working laptop.

I guess I will just keep playing with it.


Marty kd8bj

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