Re: R-pi4 4GB email with claws

Marty Hartwell

Hi Jim

Actually I went down that road earlier with Thunderbird. Gmail told me T'bird was to unsecure using

POP3 and made me switch to IMAP which I did which slowed everything way down. I am still using the

IMAP setup on all the machines I read mail from, some *nix and one windows 10 machine. All real slow

but even on the browser direct to gmail it is slow so maybe I will need to switch email providers. But

I haven't gone down that route yet.

I have confirmed that the setup in the Raspian version of Thunderbird has the same correct

information as this laptop has so I will continue trying it out. The nice thing about IMAP is that

I can have the same email information on all of the machines. I was hoping to be able to try

out Claws on the Pi to see if that might be a viable alternative to T'bird so I may check if on the

Pi group some more to see if I can't get some more help.

Marty kd8bj

On 12/9/19 7:18 PM, Jim Higgins wrote:

I don't use Gmail, so the terms I use will probably be incorrect...

What you probably need to do is somehow tell Gmail you're using a client of some sort that Gmail doesn't consider to be secure. Once they know you're willing to use an insecure client, you should be OK with that client.

With that concept in mind, search Gmail for details about using an old or insecure client.

73 de Jim, KB3PU

Received from Marty Hartwell at 12/9/2019 22:26 UTC:

Hi Bob

Yes that is what I was doing but I really don't like the Gmail site layout, and I have a lot
of Ham related saved emails I use for reference. So I think I really would like to get Claws
working with Gmail but on both I receive error message saying my credentials are incorrect.
I have verified everything as the same as on my working laptop.

I guess I will just keep playing with it.


Marty kd8bj

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