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Hi, I am Andy G0SFJ, have a Pi - computing isn't really my line, wasn't too impressed by the Pi really, and am now looking at using it for ham radio applications only:

* tnc / aprs
*cw keyer
*gpredict (could not load it!)
* sound card and then some modulation/demod.

I think it is underpowered and I found the Composite video unreadable on a small tv set when I was messing around with Python, so am now going to use DVI.

BTW there are free Python courses at Coursera and elsewhere.

Also I hope to use a wireless access point from D-Link.

I am afraid I get lost with Lunix-speak and I hope towards an easy step-by-step soluton to installing these applications.

I have also just bought an rs232 interface off ebay (For the tnc) and understand that the vendor is interested in a top-ten of ham radio pcb add-ons.

All in all I don't think I'll be contributing much, but reading and hopefully learning...and asking for help sometimes!

73 de andy g0sfj

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