Re: My experience with the ham load by W3DJS

Marty Hartwell

Sorry to add here but I Terry may not have much of a sense of humor. It was fairly obvious

to me that what Terry is talking about was intentional misdirection for humors sake. Oh well.

The tone of of Terry's post here is more demeaning than helpful in my not so humble opinion.


On 12/4/19 3:20 AM, Terry L. Morris wrote:

It is obvious from your rhetoric that you know a little about what you're saying or some of the terms but not enough to comment. Not sure if you have a problem with Linux command line, the hotspot script, taped archive file system and command line command, or lack of knowledge about compilation times. I suggest that you purchase a book from your local bookstore and read it. Keep a notepad and writing implement next to it to jot notes. I suggest one titles Learn Linux in 24 hours. (Actual time is about a month if you follow the lessons.) You don't decompress a tar with the command sudo apt-get and superuser privileges are not required to open the text editor called nano. You could open a <name-of-archive.tar.gz> with a windows Zip program. A problem with documentation is most windows users won't read it. They have been accustomed to "Point and Click" and reading how something functions requires too much effort. Like "If at all possible when things like this come along if someone could just type the commands in sequential order, where the average Ham could follow and be successful that would be a godsend." Before Linux, there was minix and Unix. Then DOS followed by GEOS, Graphical Evironment Operating System on Commodore computers. Then along comes Windows and a few years later the linux kernel that developed into a command line operating system. Around 1999 some smart programmers developed a graphical user interface, front end, for the Linux operating system. Most of today's Linux users are converts from Windows. I would venture to guess that most of us learned about Linux by reading and then performing what we read on our computers. You don't learn Linux overnight. It requires practice of use.

Good Luck.



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