Re: My experience with the ham load by W3DJS

Al Massaro

Joe, I agree with you 1000%, this is a problem for us that have used windows forever and have not 'REALLY' delved into the idiosyncrasies of Linux. My first endeavor was with D-RATS back in 2012, since then I have dabbled but not gotten proficient. Linux is a different world entirely, that said throw in the hotspot issue and I was at a complete loss, as were others who attempt to use Linux just don't have the commands quite all figured out. The documentation you mention would go a long way to helping folks (myself included) to enjoying Linux in the Ham shack as I have heard it referred to. There are those of us who don't know a tar file from our left knee, as an example, and to decompress it is that sudo nano or apt-get? All I would like to say here is that I appreciate all of the hours and dedication it takes to compile all of this, and wish to state so clearly. I look forward to seeing where this all goes from here, and I understand the frustration that goes along with trying to install things like this and having the terminal say command not recognized. If at all possible when things like this come along if someone could just type the commands in sequential order, where the average Ham could follow and be successful that would be a godsend. Now if that were to happen I would suggest that all of the Hams taking advantage of the free coding training copy and store those commands for future use, you will need them in the future! I know I do! Thanks for the software and the time and effort invested, I look forward to the next iteration of it.

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