Re: My experience with the ham load by W3DJS

Al Duncan VE3RRD

Yes, it appears that the Pi4 doesn't get any DNS info from the router. My Windows desktop is also connected via ethernet cable to this Bell high-speed router and shows two DNS entries when I query with ipconfig /all. My other Pi (a 3B+) connects to this router thru wifi and has two entries (same as the windows machine) in the resolv.conf file.
When I checked the resolv.conf file on the Pi4, the entries I had made have been overwritten with again.

I just removed the SD card with the W3DJS image and inserted a regular Buster Raspbian Linux image SD card. Everything is working OK, and the Pi is now getting DNS server info from the router (over the same ethernet cable as before).
So it would seem to be something different in the W3DJS image version of Raspbian that is preventing things from working.

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