Re: My experience with the ham load by W3DJS

Al Duncan VE3RRD

The W3DJS image loaded OK on my new Raspberry Pi 4B but the problem I have is being unable to update.
My Pi is hardwired to the router and has an IP from the router (I can also log into the router and see that it has been assigned one) but the pi seems unable to reach a name server, so I can't sudo apt-get anything.
On searching the internet I found the comment about using "sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf" to check the nameserver entry. I found only one entry: "" and so changed that to the suggested and entries and then rebooted the pi.
But still no luck, when I use the browser to try to connect to Google, I get "err_name_resolution_failed".
Anyone solved this issue?
73 .. ALĀ  VE3RRD

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