My experience with the ham load by W3DJS

Marty Hartwell

Well I finally got my HDMI adapter and Pi and have it working somewhat.

I first loaded a new SD 32 GB disk with a Buster of several months ago

and booted it up to find that the default screen doesn't work, which is

something I struggled with on Stretch and got to work somehow, not right

but usable. On the new Buster, I can't remember just what I did so got it

to where I can use it but don't like it. The wifi network came up just fine and works


Moving on I put Dave's image on a the other new disk I bought and booted it

up. After digging in my notes and finding the correct command to kill the hot

spot, only to find that I too can't get an active wlan0.

So now I am downloading another I hope later Buster hoping it is a newer on

that comes up with the screen working right.

A question, how do I find out what screen settings are on Dave's image and

if this new download of Buster is working the same and the other one, how to

match them up?

So you may see this question again depending on what happens with the new


I have the other Dave's wifi fix file that I may work on, or just take the software

list from W3DJS and load up what I want from it.

Maybe more later.

Marty kd8bj

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