Re: Network Preferences Settings

Vince A

It's not a label
Do you have access to your router's admin? Have you ever logged to your router where you connect to the net?
Or do you have a windows machine? If so open the command prompt "cmd" and type without quotes "ipcong" with the black dos looking screen...
For example my router's address is you will see that from the ipconfig command an output of a few lines.  Router means it would be the Default Gateway. Your mileage may very.  Type that set of numbers into the "Router" part and for dns use google if you in the USA of and for dns search use the default gateway again and then apply.  Vince 73 KD7TWW

On Nov 5 2019, at 8:23 pm, David KD4E via Groups.Io <dcolburn@...> wrote:
This is the Network Settings window.

I'm not sure if even filling these fields out correctly will work,
but it's worth a try.

Problem is that the field names are unfamiliar to me - do some
routers use different labels?


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