Re: W3DJS Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Image v2.0 Released

DavidC KD4E

Did you open a Terminal on the Pi and type in "KillHotspot" to liberate wlan0?

Even after that something is clogging-up wifi for me as well.

Wifi works fine with a generic Buster-Raspian install.

I ran JS8Call and it looks fine - just have to sort a setting that's off.

The "scd.ptc" thing may be part of the quasi-proprietary
Winlink Pactor system ...

David KD4E

> An impressive setup. However I cannot get the ethernet configured. > for network preferences the only interface is enxb827eb8e5b33 with > a green download arrow no eth0 option. also wi-fi is not > installed. > > I tried a couple 'fixes' I found and totalled the SD card and > started over. apt-get update doesn't work. It appears to get some of > the files needed but then chokes. It keeps looking for > <> > > I tried the sofware install. It appears to work, but the programs > don't actually get installed. > > Stuck until help arrives. Looks like a great system tho. 73, Bo > W4GHV since '54 -- 73, Bo W4GHV since '54 _._,_._,_

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