Re: No Wireless Interfaces Found - W3DJS Image v2.0

David KD4E <dcolburn@...>

I remembered reading something and tried to find the note but there
were so many posts to look through ... thanks!

That gave me the wlan0 tab in Network Preferences - but no matter
what settings I try I cannot get it to connect.

Oddly, I have yet to find a single picture of the Network Preferences
window on the Internet - with examples of settings in each of the fields.

(IVp6 is disabled in the wifi router settings here.)


David KD4E

> Good evening David. See this paragraph in the announcement of the > image: > > > One more caveat: This image comes pre-installed to operate as a > wireless Hotspot for field operations. If you are using this at home, > and don't want to operate as a Hotspot, then open a Terminal on the > Pi and type in "KillHotspot" (without the quotes) and hit return. > Networking will then operate normally. > > Disable the Hotspot and wifi will work. Or see my note #9549 on 31 > Oct. Edd - KD5M >

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