Re: W3DJS Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Image v2.0 Released

Charles Blackburn <young_gun262001@...>

Coming in late so excuse me, but you HAVE put all the bootcode bins etc from the root directory of the regular rasbian distro for the 4 to that one right?

just a thought as running on a 4 without the rpi4 bootcode in the fat section would cause it not to boot

On 10/31/2019 11:24 AM, Nick Norman wrote:
On 31/10/2019 14:58, Walter Holmes K5WH wrote:
I just pulled down a NEW image via the torrent site as well, and the file size is the same as what I got yesterday, burned it to an SD card, and have the same results on a RPI4 4-gig version.

It still won???t boot.


Stupid question but did you 'burn' the file as xxx.img so there is one
file on the SD card or did you use something like etcher to turn the SD
card into a disc with (I expect) 2 partitions on?

Just asking to be sure there is no confusion ...



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