Re: W3DJS Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Image v2.0

Andrew Duli

My experience.

I had difficulty downloading just because of too many downloads. I woke up at 04:30 am eastern time and was able to grab the download via one of the original links Downloading at 500 Mbps didn't really take too long. I don't know how exactly, I went back to sleep. Since I downloaded via Windows, I set up the 32Gb SD card via Disk Management, used Etcher and flashed the img.

After flashing, I placed the SD card into a Pi 4B (4Gb) and it installed fine. Tweaked for my screen, changed SSH keys, password, the ususal. Did not have WiFi. Did a 'sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf' and added the network={stuff} (note no quotes - I assume anybody playing with a Pi for any length of time knows what to do - those who don't can use a search engine).

Other than getting the image, insatlling W3DJS Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Image v2.0 did not require anything special effort or any roadblock that I haven't experienced before.

Now to use it. Other than some SDR, I usually load Kali Linux on my Pis for network penetration activities. I'm just now getting involved in using the Pi for amateur radio. So now, the learning will begin.

Thanks Dave, W3DJS

Andy, AD3AD

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