Re: W3DJS Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Im

Dave Slotter, W3DJS

Hi Edward,

Glad you got the image operational.

I configured auto hot-spot software into the Raspberry Pi. This is useful for when the Raspberry Pi is used in the field -- then you can connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the Pi's AP. However, when you configure an access point on the Raspberry Pi, and the Pi sees that AP, it will switch off the auto-hotspot software. The trick is getting to that point. To get there, open up a terminal on the Pi, and type "KillHotspot" (without the quotes). Then you should be able to use the wireless. (This is alluded to in the README.TXT, in paragraph 3 which I will re-iterate here:

One more caveat: This image comes pre-installed to operate as a wireless Hotspot for field operations. If you are using this at home, and don't want to operate as a Hotspot, then open a Terminal on the Pi and type in "KillHotspot" (without the quotes) and hit return. Networking will then operate normally.

Now that I have explained this to you, it would be helpful if you see another user with this same question (there will be), that you would share this information with them. Thanks!


- Dave

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