Re: W3DJS Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Image v2.0 Released


Regarding stats. - the bitsmash link referred to an article from October, 2008 - Mininova is one of the sites that disappeared following copyright actions.

Bittorrent has a bad reputation due to the infringement of copyright, but this is exactly the sort of activity that BT was designed for - the accurate transfer of large files to groups, it is (as I understand it) impossible to download corrupt files from BT unless, of course the original file(s) are already corrupted.

BTW,a simple copy to a SD card won't work, as others have done a program is required dd on Linux or Etcher on Linux, MacOS & Windows (yes, I know I reaching grandma to suck eggs, but please bear with me -  if it saves one person from getting stuck it will be worth the comment.

Paul, 5B8BA

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