Re: raspberry pi for packet radio


Are you using a powered hub? (The Pi doesn't source a lot of current.)

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On Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 12:28 PM, Eric Scott <kc7klz@...> wrote:


I used a USB to Serial adapter.  I did get it to work sort of.  I was attaching to my Kantronics KPC-3 through minicom.  I could get it to recognize the serial port, but when I slowed it down to 1200 baud, it crashed. (locked up)  I had to log into the unit via SSH and tell it to re-boot to get the unit to recover.  I'm getting a TTL to serial adapter, and I'm going to hook that up to the GPIO ports.  I'm thinking this will be a little cleaner than an adapter.  

I can get it to work on my Ubuntu box with the same cables, using the same software.  So I know it should work.


Eric Scott

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