Re: Pi as aWiFi hotspot in the shack?

Dennis Nelson

HI, what you could use is a DHCP server under the os. It's been a while, so you may want to look up the man or info pages on setting up
the server to the wireless. That would then make the pi the server. Dennis.

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Hi John,

Many thanks for your swift reply, unfortunately this is another example of extending an existing Internet connection. Quoting from the web-page....

"set up where on boot, it connects to the Internet through ethernet, and shares that connection over WiFi."
*** End-Quote ***

What I would like to do is make the raspi appear as though it is the Internet by serving-up its own pages wirelessly without connection to the wider Internet. A sort of stand-alone wi-fi Intanet server.

The serving of web-pages has turned out to be the easy part but finding pointers or a solution to making the pi "appear" as the sole provider of a web-page wirelessly has turned out to be problematic.

I suspect this will turn out to be something useful to others if I can find the solution. If I do I will post the results here.

Thanks again John for taking the time to post a reply.


Des (M0AYF)

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> Dee,
> If your problem is getting the to work as a hotspot, then this may help.
> &t=19120
> I followed it, and created a standalone wifi network, running a LinBPQ node
> that I could connect to from a PC. This sounds similar to what you are
> trying to do.
> 73, John
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> Subject: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Pi as aWiFi hotspot in the shack?
> Hi folks,
> This is a long shot but I wonder if anyone can help?
> I have had a raspberry-pi since last August and am only recently getting the
> time to "play" with it Hi.
> One of the little projects I have been trying to get going is a wi-fi
> hot-spot for the shack as part of a larger project.
> The idea is to have the raspi, a psu and a wi-fi dongle (in "master" mode)
> such that the raspi would appear on a list of wi-fi hot-spots for anyone
> close by using say a laptop or whatever.
> Al I want to do is serve a couple of basic web-pages with a "welcome" page
> by default. So far I have been able to achieve my goal by using the
> "Berry-web server" software which works well enough but still requires the
> home wi-fi router as part of the package.
> Just to be clear, what I am looking for is a "stand-alone" server
> application/package or a pointer in the right direction. So far, trawling
> the Internet has thrown up numerous solutions for extending an existing home
> wi-fi network using the pi but nothing in the "stand-alone" form to serve a
> web-page.
> I wonder if anyone has done anything like this or stumbled upon such a
> project on the net?
> Regards to all es 73,s
> Des (M0AYF)

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