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David Ranch <dranch@...>

Swap *partitions* are NOT required on Raspbian as it uses a in-file system swap *file* for this use:

Btw, as mentioned elsewhere in this thread, swapping I/O to an SD card can physically damage the card and kill it pretty quickly.  It's generally NOT recommend to significantly use swap if you don't have to.  If you need more RAM than what's on your Raspberry Pi (older versions had 256MB or 512MB) and most newer Pis have 1GB), you should setup the swap on an external USB device be it a USB pendrive (only a little better reliability wise) or an SSD/HDD.  Better yet, go buy a new 2GB or 4GB Rpi4 and you hopefully won't need swap at all.  :-)
pi4 and you hopefully won't need swap at all.  :-)


On 10/16/2019 08:51 AM, Nigel Gunn, G8IFF/W8IFF wrote:

Your swap partition is usually twice the size of your RAM so I assume you'll want a 4GB swap partition.

You could really do with a bigger memory card.

As swap needs to be fast, and SD cards die if used too much you would be better in the long term doing most things on a small USB hard drive or SSD and move the operating system to that and just boot from the SD card.

To create a swap partition:

Highlight the  ext4 partition

Go to Partition/Resize and make the partition 4GB smaller than it is now (reduce it's size to 10GB).

Click Apply

Resize will take some time.

Highlight the unused space entry that appears, go to Partition/Format and select SWAP as the format.

Click Apply.


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