Re: GPS time synchronization with several Pi's at different locations.

Siegfried Jackstien

let me do a guess ...

time of arrival of a signal ... measured precisely on several receiving stations ... to figure out the location of the transmitter

dg9bfc sigi

ps such things are done on adsb with planes ... additionally to their sending out of the position the time is measured (can be measured)

Am 16.10.2019 um 13:12 schrieb Michael WA7SKG:

Pico-seconds? Seriously? You need something like a $100k+ Cesium-beam clock to maintain that kind of accuracy. For a $35 computer? Basically unrealistic if not unobtainium.

I have worked on systems in the past (mostly classified) that required exceptional time accuracy, but even those were within a couple hundred microseconds and VERY expensive.

Really curious, however, please explain the purpose of such a beast. What on earth could possibly require that kind of time accuracy? I seriously doubt even warp speed navigation or sub-space communications needs that level of time synchronization.

Michael WA7SKG

Jeff Estal wrote on 10/15/19 6:44 PM:
I want to synchronize multiple raspberry pi's where each has it's own gps device.
They need to be extremely accurate. Something in the pico seconds range.

I have a cheap gps-usb device from Amazon and have been recieving data from it with python, but the time data only displays seconds always with .00 for any portion of the seconds which seems odd.

How might i approach this?
Is certain hardware better or worse?
When data is pulled from a gps device, is there timing considerations as to when to get the data or when to store it?
I"d probably need to also have a realtime clock to update.


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