Re: GPS time synchronization with several Pi's at different locations.


You want GPS with PPS like the DRAWS™ HAT (see:


On Tue, Oct 15, 2019, 18:54 Jeff Estal <jeff.estal@...> wrote:
I want to synchronize multiple raspberry pi's where each has it's own gps device.
They need to be extremely accurate. Something in the pico seconds range.

I have a cheap gps-usb device from Amazon and have been recieving data from it with python, but the time data only displays seconds always with .00 for any portion of the seconds which seems odd.

How might i approach this?
Is certain hardware better or worse?
When data is pulled from a gps device, is there timing considerations as to when to get the data or when to store it?
I"d probably need to also have a realtime clock to update.


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