Re: RPi 3B+ w/ Buster, Alsa, Signalink USB

Daniel Holmes

I have a 4 that I just configured, and didn’t have any trouble with ALSA and a signalink. I did have to go into alsamixer and set the levels first, then fldigi and such seemed to work ok. 


. Please pardon any mispelings or errors.

On Oct 9, 2019, at 1:32 PM, Mitch <ab4mw@...> wrote:

Anyone have any luck with this configuration?  Alsamixer cannot see the microphone input of the Signalink USB (or another USB sound card on hand).  The audio level is very marginal on the low side with the RX knob turned all the way up.

It looks like a driver issue to me.  I tested the Signalink USB on a recent Linux Mint version with the same symptom.

Pulse Audio on the Mint system seems to be able to see and control the microphone, but I would rather not burden an RPi with Pulse if at all possible.

Mitch, AB4MW

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