Re: Install WSJT-x and fldigi on a Raspberry Pi4

Vince A

Could you please post a link to that forum for us that don't recall what you're talking about?
-During World War 2, Hams could not do what in the USA?
- In the movie Contact, what was Ellie's callsign?
73 Vince: ":>) KD7TWW Formerly KJ7EUG
Thank you for your reply...

On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 8:05 AM Bo Barry <bobarr@...> wrote:
I just completed updates to both on my RigPi and posted info in the files section of that Forum.
Hopefully someone will eliminate  the need to do sudo fldigi for those using the USB cable for audio. 
Works fine. 
73, Bo W4GHV since '54

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