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I used a USB to Serial adapter.  I did get it to work sort of.  I was attaching to my Kantronics KPC-3 through minicom.  I could get it to recognize the serial port, but when I slowed it down to 1200 baud, it crashed. (locked up)  I had to log into the unit via SSH and tell it to re-boot to get the unit to recover.  I'm getting a TTL to serial adapter, and I'm going to hook that up to the GPIO ports.  I'm thinking this will be a little cleaner than an adapter.  

I can get it to work on my Ubuntu box with the same cables, using the same software.  So I know it should work.


Eric Scott

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The PI GPIO pins operate at 3.3 volts, and the PI is likely to be damaged by applying 5 volts from a normal TTL port. You will need a level converter on the TNC to PI lead. I used a simple resistor divider. Most TTL inputs are happy with the lower voltage from the PI.
Normally the PI linux kernel allocates the serial port as a console. You need to disable this to use it for packet.
I've used the linux ax.25 and netrom code, and the linux node. I haven't tried jnos.

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Subject: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] raspberry pi for packet radio

Hello all,
I have a raspberry pi and I want to use it for making a packet radio server. I have think to use jnos2 and I want to connect it with my mfj-1270c tnc. This one have a ttl port on the back, can I connect it directly to the GPIO port of the raspberry pi?

Other question, if I try to use a usb to serial adaptor when I attach the port an arror says "protocol error", don't know if it's because jnos don't like usb serial port. Any clue?

73' de Pascal

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