Re: Raspberry Pi 2B+ wifi

Marty Hartwell

Hi Mike

I have two and old one TL-Link model Archer T1U and a newer one TL-Link model TL-WN725N.

When I first fired up the Pi 2 after loading the disk a 16GB Samsung which works good, with

Buster it finished and I had in the model WN725N, the newer wifi, if was slowly flashing. Plugging

in the older one did the same. Clicking on the red arrows in the top panel said not wifi interfaces

found. I also enter the command sudo ifconfig and get much the same response.

I have looked on line and found that I should add the ssid and password key in a file in

/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf. I have done that and then enter the ifconfig command

to see nothing new, and also done reboots and then enter the ifconfig command. Now when I

plug in the old Archer T1U I don't see the wifi active but when I plug in the WN725N interface I

at least see the wifi active.

Now a question. as I stated in my first email I used the sudo respi-config and do the update, is there

more I should do.

When I first used the PI on Stretch I kinda remember I needed to load Synaptic Package Manager

and wonder should I do that now? And also should I do a manual command using "upgrade"?

Ok back to you.


On 8/26/19 12:32 PM, vbifyz wrote:
Hi Marty,
What is the WiFi adapter you are using?
73, Mike

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